cosmetic dentistry in Charlotte

The quest for the perfect smile may seem like an arduous and unattainable endeavor. With the right procedure, you can achieve that perfect smile. But, what is the right procedure for your individual needs>

For those of you who want the perfect smile, visiting a cosmetic dentist like Dr. Mjahed at Uptown Charlotte’s Premier Dentistry practice will change your life.

How We Can Help You

Our compassionate staff has built a reputation for being attentive to patient’s individual needs and explaining to them, in detail, all cosmetic procedure options. During your initial visit to our Uptown Charlotte dentist office you will be presented with the choice of a few different cosmetic dental procedures. We will examine your teeth and gums, then provide you with options that fit your needs.

To learn more about some of the options that may be presented to you, here are 5 cosmetic dentistry procedures with detailed explanations. Read on.

Tooth Bleaching

Tooth bleaching or professional teeth whitening is the fastest and most simple cosmetic dental procedure available for immediate results. If after an examination it is determined that all you need is a little bit of whitening, then this can be a one-day in-office treatment.

Teeth bleaching doesn’t require you to make a huge time commitment associated with other procedures, and it is a much more affordable option than most cosmetic dental procedures.

At-home Teeth Whitening Kit

While some people may opt to use our at-home teeth whitening kit the in-office procedure is also an available option. Our over-the-counter teeth whitening kit is designed to prevent uneven whitening during the process and comes with an LED light to help accelerate your results.

Enamel Bonding

Enamel bonding is a great way to fix deeply stained or chipped teeth. The material used in the procedure is a tooth-colored resin, which is bonded to the outer layer of the tooth to improve the appearance of the enamel layer of the teeth.

The material is durable and flexible which allows Dr. Mjahed to shape and mold it to match the shape of healthy teeth in the same area of the mouth.

A slight drawback of this procedure is it doesn’t last as long as other options like dental veneers. This may lead to you having to visit the dentist periodically for maintenance.

Dental Veneers

If you have been looking at cosmetic dentistry then the odds are you have come across or read about dental veneers. The procedure is by far the most popular and is the gold standard for cosmetic dental procedures. It is a proven effective long-lasting solution that has been around for decades. This customized solution is comprised of porcelain shells, created specifically to fit on the surface of your tooth.

During The Procedure

First, the enamel surface, also known as the outer layer, of your tooth is gently filed down. Impressions of the tooth are taken to be used to create the custom veneers. Until the custom veneers are completed you will be given a temporary set of veneers to wear.

If you have dark staining, chipped or fractured front teeth then dental veneers are perfect for you.

Invisalign Braces

There’s a common misconception that braces are only for kids. Well, this is not true, they can be worn by both adults and children. Using these dental prosthetics can help you get rid of tooth misalignment and reduce the risk of tooth decay. Braces are not solely for the purpose of improving your smile aesthetically.

For some though, having a mouth full of metal is not the look they want. In the past, this was the only option for correcting tooth misalignment. However, today we have the benefit of Invisalign clear aligner braces. Clear aligners have been used successfully to correct misalignment issues in patients of all ages. The best part of it is that no one can see you are wearing them because they are clear in color.

Enamel Abrasion

Enamel abrasion is a great way to remove discoloration of the teeth.

During the process, Dr. Mjahed will use fine pumice in a micro-abrasion machine to slowly remove the stains in your teeth giving you a radiant smile. This procedure works for superficial surface stains that come from things like tobacco products, wine, soda, and coffee. Enamel abrasion doesn’t work for intrinsic stains or stains inside the tooth.

There you go those are the 5 cosmetic dentistry procedures you needed to know about. Remember consulting an expert is the best way to determine how to get back that perfect smile. So make sure you call District Dentistry in uptown Charlotte and make an appointment with Dr. Mjahed. He will be able to provide you with the expertise you need.