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Good oral hygiene should be second nature to all of us. Regular brushing, flossing, and eating healthy are all contributing factors for good oral hygiene. Going to the dentist regularly, at least once per year, is an essential preventative measure to help monitor and maintain good oral hygiene. With the help of the right dentist, you should experience little to no major problems in the area of dental health.

Dr. Mjahed, a dentist in Uptown Charlotte NC at District Dentistry, can help you resolve most any dental issue. He works with patients to diagnose and seek the right treatment path for each individual’s special circumstances. Finding the right dentist isn’t always easy, so we’re here to give you some very important tips to help you do just that. Read More.

Check Dentist Google & Facebook Reviews

Nowadays everyone’s searching the web for recommendations for both products and services alike. These user-generated service reviews can be found on both Google and Facebook for most any service type, including dental services. Most often, these are reviews submitted by actual patients who have received services from the dental practice you may be considering.

These types of reviews can be very helpful in shortening your list to a few of the best dentists in your area.

Check North Carolina Dental Board

The sole purpose of the North Carolina Dental Board of Examiners is to ensure that only licensed, qualified, and competent individuals are able to practice dentistry in North Carolina. The NC Dental Board is a great resource that you can use to find out if those dentists on your list have had any recent disciplinary actions that deem them unfit to practice.

Ask Friends & Family For Recommendation

The advice of friends and family is often times the most reliable when you are looking for a new dentist. Ask around to learn more about dentist recommendations in Charlotte.

Make Sure Your Dentist Treats Your Specific Problem

You wouldn’t be looking for a dentist if you didn’t have a specific problem or wish to prevent a problem. So whenever you are choosing a dentist you should make sure that the chosen practitioner is one who can treat your specific needs.

Dentists like Dr. Mjahed from District Dentistry is a proud member of the American Dental Association, the North Carolina Dental Society, the Academy of General Dentistry, the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, and a Fellow at the International Congress of Oral Implantologists.

Call or Stop Into Dentist Office To Talk To Staff

Before you make your decision, it would be nice to know the staff on a more personalized level. To get a feel about their professionalism and hospitality, call the office or just simply stop to gauge the environment and professionalism of the team.

Talking to the doctor and/or staff will help you understand if the dentist is the best option for you. You can discuss your needs to find out if they are the one perfectly suited for you.

Finding The Best Dentist In Charlotte

So there you go, these are the things you can do to ensure that you pick the best dentist for your dental needs. Finding the best dentist for yourself is imperative as you already know so you can check out Dr. Mjahed from district dentistry. His list of expertise includes Invisalign, dental veneers, dental crowns, root canal therapy, tooth fillings, dental bridges, and complete and partial dentures as well.