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Dental Veneers In Charlotte, NC at District Dentistry In Uptown Charlotte

What are dental veneers?

A dental veneer is a prosthetic layer placed over a tooth. The role of veneers is to hide imperfections in the teeth like stains, discolored teeth, chips cracks, decay, cracked teeth, and gaps between teeth. With proper care and maintenance, dental veneers can improve your teeth’s appearance. They are beneficial for people who want a long-term solution for the listed concerns.

Dental veneers fit perfectly over existing teeth. Dr. Mjahed, Cosmetic Dentist in Charlotte NC, removes a small amount of enamel to fit and bond veneers to teeth. This offers that long-lasting solution that most patients are looking for. Remember, once you decide to go for dental veneers, you cannot remove them or discard them.

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How much do dental veneers cost?

Traditional dental veneers and no-prep veneers can vary in price per tooth. No-prep veneers can last up to 7 years and traditional veneers can easily last 10 to 15 years but neither is covered by insurance because they are considered a cosmetic dental procedure. In some cases where your dental veneers are deemed medically necessary, your insurance provider may pay a portion of the service fees.

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A few facts about dental veneers

    • You can choose your desired tooth/teeth

      • Dental veneers can either be used to cover a single tooth or all your teeth. Talk to our dentist at our Uptown Charlotte location, tell us about your choice in color, shape, size, he will work to satisfy your requirements and desires.
  • Veneers are an excellent alternative for teeth whitening

    • Sometimes teeth whitening treatments may not remove all tough stains or discoloration from the tooth’s surface. If you are suffering from such a situation, veneers will prove very useful. Similarly, a chip or cracked tooth that looks hideous can be concealed by the veneer layer.
  • They last a long time

    • Veneers, as mentioned before, have great lasting power. They can last almost a decade or two and need to be replaced after 15-20 years. With good oral hygiene, though, you can make your veneers last much longer.
  • Veneers are strong

    • Since veneers are mostly made of porcelain, they are resistant to staining and are as strong as natural teeth, so they don’t chip or crack easily. Following your dentist’s advice and maintaining a good oral routine, can make veneers more durable.
  • Veneers aren’t reversible

    • Veneers are nonremovable. So, speak with the dentist at our practice in Charlotte, NC, and carefully assess if they’re the right choice for you. Remember, the dentist will strip off natural tooth enamel to place the prosthetic layer. Without your natural enamel, your natural teeth become fragile and vulnerable, which is why veneers are non-reversible. They act as the new enamel.
  • Veneers can be placed in one day

    • Depending on the number of veneers you need and your oral health condition, it might take three or fewer visits to the dentist. Some dental homes have CEREC technology that helps them create veneers faster. They can now create and design your custom veneers in a span of a few minutes. So, no more waiting!
  • They can imitate natural teeth

    • The porcelain veneers can be matched with the patient’s original tooth color to blend in with the rest of your smile. Because veneers are made of porcelain, they mimic the sheen of enamel. This gives you the benefit of the most natural smile.

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