Dental Veneer

It’s never wise to hide a toothache from your dentist. However, hiding a chipped tooth from the public might be a good idea. Seeking out a doctor like Dr. Mjahed to aid you in getting dental veneers is an even better idea!

Before deciding whether dental veneers are the right choice for you, let’s talk more about them below. It’s time you learn more about the procedure and the cost of dental veneers in order to make an informed decision about how to move forward.

What are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are wafer-thin tooth colored shells that are used to conceal irregularity of the teeth. These shells are one of the fastest ways to transform your smile. Dental veneers are made of high-grade porcelain or resin composite materials. They are permanently attached to the outer layer of the tooth.

If you have broken, discolored, chipped teeth getting dental veneers would be the best option. In most cases, you’ll have six to eight veneers placed on the visible front teeth, especially the top eight. They are placed in a symmetrical way to create an even dental impression to conceal any irregularities.

Why should you choose Dental Veneer?

Wear and Tear

When your natural teeth are no longer in the best shape due to normal wear and tear you should consider veneers. With age, the natural outer layer of teeth will erode, or even become discolored. Dental veneers can restore the natural beauty by concealing this erosion, and discoloration.

Damaged Enamel

Carbonated beverages and caffeine are your enamel’s worse enemy, second only to bacteria plaque. These types of drinks cause deterioration in the enamel which leads to the exposure of the nerves. The exposure will create severe pain, and severe discomfort. Along with these issues, the erosion will greatly hamper the aesthetics of your teeth.

Uneven Teeth

Have you had the habit of grinding teeth or bruxism? Then you know, a side effect is having uneven teeth. One of the major ways of shaping those uneven teeth is dental veneer. The dental veneer procedure will allow you to have even, well aligned teeth that shine.


Too much caffeine and smoking will inevitably lead to teeth discoloration. Some patients choose to opt in for teeth whitening as a temporary solution. However, dental veneers offer a result that lasts much longer, 10+ years in some cases.

Two Types of Veneers for a Smile Makeover

Porcelain Veneer

Porcelain is known as a flawless ceramic material use in various types of products to add shine and a sleek look. In the same way, Porcelain veneers for your teeth are used to add a shine and sleek appearance. This type of veneer is made in a dental lab and is more resistant to decay or damage. The procelain veneer can be applied in two ways. One way requires prep time and another way is a no-prep application.

The veneer application that requires prep time is used to allow the teeth to be prepped for a while prior to application. During the procedure, Dr. Mjahed, Uptown Charlotte Dentist,  will remove a small amount of the enamel and then grind it to mix with the veneer paste. Removing the enamel ensures that the veneer is fixed perfectly to the site permanently.

The no-prep veneers are less of a permanent solution than the traditional process. The no-prep temporary veneers need the least tooth alteration and preparation. The process to apply the no-prep veneer is also less uncomfortable for the patient.

You may have heard of veneers being referred to as Vivaneeres or Lumineers. These are the commercial name for the no-prep veneer.

Resin Composite Veneer

Resin Composite Veneers are made out of resin rather than porcelain. This type of veneer is made and then placed on the tooth enamel to improve the aesthetics of the teeth. The main difference between the Porcelain and the Composite is the way they are used.

If you have broken or spaced teeth, or you have the tendency to grind teeth, Resin Composites are not for you. Contact District Dentistry in Charlotte, NC and ask for Dr. Mjahed about which option is best for you.