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Teeth Whitening Process Overview

A type of cosmetic dental procedure, teeth whitening is used to whiten the dentin and enamel layer of the teeth. Typically, the teeth are bleached by using chemicals like hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.

Your actual teeth whitening results depend on the current shade of the teeth. If the teeth are severely discolored or decayed, other treatment measures may be administered before the bleaching agent application.

The bleaching agent works to saturate through the top layer of the tooth’s enamel and dentine. It then reacts with the colored molecules that cause discoloration to lighten the appearance.

Laser Light Options Gain Popularity

In some cases, a dentist may use laser light to whiten the teeth. Laser light teeth whitening is becoming much more popular these days.  Reviews by patients and studies show that the results are seen faster than traditional bleaching. Dentists who use laser light are trained to administer this method.

Rather than using laser light or even bleaching agents, many people opt for natural teeth whitening methods. These “Do-It-Yourself” remedies most often include the following materials:

  • Lemon
  • Coconut oil
  • Essential oils
  • Baking soda

While some of these methods may work, others are ineffective. There are a lot of misconceptions and teeth whitening myths that we will discuss.

Myth 1: People with sensitive teeth should avoid teeth whitening

If you have teeth sensitivity issues, you don’t t need to avoid teeth bleaching. Address your issue with your dentist before the procedure. This discussion will help him determine the best approach for treatment.

Dr. Mjahed may recommend the usage of a toothpaste that will help alleviate sensitivity. He may instruct you to begin using it before and after the procedure. Other options include using desensitizing gel or gum guards during the treatment. It’s always better to discuss your dental concerns before the procedure in order to receive the best care.

Myth 2: Oil pulling whitens teeth

An ayurvedic remedy, oil pulling involves swishing edible oil for 20-30 minutes. Most people will use coconut oil as the choice for oil pulling. Although oil pulling can be useful to lift food particles, it doesn’t remove or lighten the stains. In fact, there are no scientific studies that confirm the truth to it.

Myth 3: Using baking soda for teeth whitening

People use baking soda with a lemon juice mixture to brush teeth twice a day. While some claim to have seen results from using this mixture, there is no scientific proof to support these claims. Sure, the acidic mixture can lift off slight stains. However, it is unable to give a brighter result.

One of the biggest risks of using this mixture is permanent damage to the enamel. Permanent damage is the result of excessive use.

Myth 4: Whitening the teeth can harm the enamel

Over the counter whiteners can damage the enamel in cases where there is over-usage. For the best and safest results, professional teeth whitening is necessary. Dr. Mjahed will determine the best option for whitening treatment.

Tooth enamel erosion risks decrease substantially when your dentist chooses to use teeth whitening gel rather than other materials.  Whitening gel and most any other professional teeth whitening material do no harm to your enamel if treatment is administered correctly.

Myth 5: Using essential oils help

Essential oil lovers swear by using this method as a way to whitening teeth. However, there are no studies or evidence to support these claims. Those who promote this method often recommend using peppermint, sweet orange, clove, cinnamon, etc.  Ingesting essential oils such as the ones mentioned here are harmful to organs and bodily functions.

Myth 6: Using stronger whitening agents is the best method

As bleaching agents contain peroxide, using them at higher concentrations can result in sensitive teeth. This will again, cause your enamel and the outer layer of your teeth to wear off.


Some people religiously follow these teeth whitening myths without doing actual research. This brings confusion and gives birth to more teeth whitening myths. Do your research first and always consult a dentist on what to do and what not. Ditch the essential oils and discuss teeth whitening with your dentist.

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