Replacing Extracted Teeth

Dental implants are widely regarded as the best replacement for extracted teeth. In comparison to their obvious alternatives, such as dentures and dental bridges, they hold their end pretty well and offer seamless functionality and aesthetics.

Here are some of the benefits of dental implants:

  • Prevent drifting of teeth: With missing teeth, the remaining teeth in the mouth usually drift from their positions. This causes a change in the shape of the facial structure, jawbones and may lead to malocclusion. Since dental implants replace both the tooth root and the crown, the missing tooth is restored in its entirety, which prevents the teeth from drifting from their positions.
  • Restore the functionality: When a tooth goes missing, the way a person bites and chews food changes. Also, their phonetics alters and would sound entirely different from they used to earlier. A dental implant restores all these aspects and makes sure the oral functionality is back to normal.
  • Supporting structure: An implant stud can be used to support, not only a replacement tooth, but also other structures such as a denture or dental bridge. They provide elevated levels of stability and hold the restoration firmly in position.
  • Long-lasting: Dental implants are, by far, the longest lasting tooth restoration. With proper care and cleaning, they usually last for several years.
  • High durability and strength: The implant stud is made from Titanium, which is one of the strongest and hardest metals out there. Once the implant stud adheres firmly to the jawbone, the chances of it breaking off are next to none. Also, the ceramic crown is used with an implant is made from highly durable dental-grade ceramic, which exhibits high durability and strength.
  • Amazing appearance: The visual similarity between a real tooth and a dental implant is so much that it is almost impossible to differentiate between them. The crown can be made to match the exact color and contour of the missing tooth, thereby perfectly blending in with the other teeth.

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