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Losing a tooth or two can prove highly disadvantageous, both in terms of facial aesthetics and functionality of the mouth. The way the patient talks, bites and chews food, etc. will alter a lot and they would be left feeling uncomfortable pretty often. This is why dentists give a lot of importance to replacing missing teeth.

When it comes to restoring extracted teeth, dental implants are considered as the best option, by dentists from all around the world. Implants offer superior properties both in terms of aesthetics as well as functionality. This is what puts them ahead of their obvious alternatives such as bridges, dentures, etc.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth replacement appliance that is composed of a titanium root and a visible ceramic tooth structure. The titanium root has grooves on its surface that allow it to be screwed in place and stay firmly in position. The visible crown looks exactly like a tooth. It is most often made from ceramic, which allows it to be shaped into any contour required and matched exactly with the shade of the remaining teeth. This way, dental implants provide the required stability as well as the perfect aesthetics.

Why are dental implants the best way to restore missing teeth?

  • Implants replace an entire tooth from root to crown. This way, the gap left by a missing tooth is completely filled up.
  • Since an implant replaces the root structure as well, the chances of the remaining teeth drifting from their positions are eliminated.
  • An implant looks exactly like a natural tooth, and hence, the smile would be restored back to its ideal appearance.
  • The ability to bite and chew food like normal would be restored. Also, the pressure distribution on the teeth would be uniform.

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