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Are you thinking of getting veneers from Dr. K or have a few questions before taking the leap?

Similar to other dental restorations, dental veneers have some adverse effects as well. But you don’t need to worry because the majority of these side effects are tolerable and curable. Got your new veneers or thinking of going for it?

Here is a list of the possible adverse effects you may face after getting a veneer:

The Side Effects of Dental Veneers

Teeth Sensitivity

During veneer placement, the dentist needs to remove some enamel off the surface of your teeth so that the veneers fit properly. Unfortunately, the removal of the enamel can make your teeth prone to sensitivity. You may experience this when you are consuming hot or cold food. The sensitivity issues can be prevented by medicines and treatments prescribed by your dentist. However, if the medication is not helping, you should visit your dentist immediately.

General Discomfort

The dental veneer procedure can bring you a sense of discomfort as well. Your mouth may feel a little tired after keeping it open for so long, but that’s it. If you feel a tingling sensation and pain, you may need to visit an experienced dentist. At District Dentistry, Dr. K makes the entire dental process a pain-free experience.

Inflamed Gums

The gum tissues need time to adjust to the newly-placed veneer but you may face minor inflammation in the gums. A close check by your dentist can help him figure out the root cause of the inflammation. Also, don’t miss the post-operative check-up session because it’s essential to identify any after-effects of the operation.

Increased Risk of Tooth Pulp Injury

There is an elevated risk of trauma for veneer patients. This is because some amount of tooth enamel needs to be removed. If the removal isn’t completed skillfully, the pulp in your teeth may even die. When that occurs, this isn’t good news! To avoid this, it’s always a good idea to have your tooth crowned rather than dealing with such an injury.

The shade may not be a 100% match

To match your exact tooth shade, porcelain veneers are preferred. However, there is still a probability that the veneers are not the perfect match for the color of your surrounding teeth. Do consider a teeth whitening session before you get veneer placements.

Issues Concerning Malplacement of the Veneers

Besides staining, your veneers are susceptible to chipping and cracks due to misplacement of the veneers. Rough edges and overhangs are also examples of misplacement. Misaligned veneer margins may also cause chipping.

Veneers for Teeth

If you are looking for a dental expert who provides dental veneers in Charlotte, NC, look no further. At District Dentistry, Dr. K and his team of experts are here to help you. You can consult him if you are facing any of these side effects. Simply call his office at 704-910-5006 or visit his website to schedule an appointment.