4 Interesting Teeth Whitening Facts

Teeth whitening is a painless dental procedure that transforms your ordinary smile into a million bucks. It whitens your teeth and boosts your confidence. In-office procedures and at-home remedies, tooth-whitening strips and whitening toothpaste drastically change your teeth color. Before getting teeth whitened, know the differences between teeth whitening myths and facts. Here are some eye-opening facts that you need to know before considering going for teeth bleaching.

Teeth whitening doesn’t damage teeth

This is a myth! In-office procedures are safe but DIY treatments are a whole other thing. Using ingredients such as lemon, baking powder, or hydrogen peroxide in excess strips your teeth’s natural enamel and irritates your gums. Professional teeth whitening utilizes active ingredients to eliminate stains. Nowadays, teeth whitening uses a laser to ensure there isn’t any pain and your dentist knows the proper amount of whitening products required.

Your teeth have pores too

Your teeth have very tiny pores, just like your skin. That’s why they stain because of coffee or tea, smoking, or certain foods. can stain your teeth. With time, your teeth’s natural color darkens and becomes difficult to clean. You’ll need more than just brushing.

Sensitivity after teeth whitening is normal

Sensitivity is the most common dental problem, usually caused by genetics, illnesses or degrading enamel. During the teeth-whitening process, dental sensitivity or a tingling sensation is normal. Those who don’t have teeth sensitivity may also feel a little tingling sensation on the gums. Sometimes, the chemicals can irritate your gums and cause sensitivity. Your dentist will suggest a post-whitening fluoride treatment to reduce the inflammation and soothe the nerves.

It’s best to whiten teeth at night

Teeth whitening open pores. When you whiten teeth during the day, your teeth are more susceptible to staining because of the open pores. So, eating or drinking particular food at this point may stain teeth. So use teeth whitening products before bed or schedule your in-office procedure in the evening.

Teeth whitening in Charlotte, NC

There you have it! Some key facts about teeth whitening you haven’t heard before. If you are searching for getting your teeth professionally whitened, contact Dentist Dentistry Charlotte. Our specialized team will help you out in the best way possible. So, call us at 704-910-5006 or schedule an online appointment to get your in-office teeth whitening treatment by the team.