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White teeth are not just an aesthetic trend. Having strong, white teeth boosts your self-confidence. However, some people have naturally whiter teeth, while some don’t. Those who aren’t blessed with naturally white teeth opt for teeth whitening procedures, like oil pulling and baking soda. There are numerous DIY teeth-whitening methods available in the market. But also, at-home teeth-whitening-kits, whitening strips, toothpastes and gels.

While these products and techniques can help whiten your teeth, having your teeth professionally whitened will give you your desired result and last longer than DIY options. Consulting a teeth whitening dentist will prove more beneficial if you want that dazzling smile.

And maintaining that beautiful smile will help. Here’s a list of things that you should NOT do:

1. Do Not Consume Colored Drinks

After the whitening treatment, you will be advised to avoid consuming colored drinks and beverages. This is because colored drinks stain teeth because of their vibrant color. Avoid drinking red wine, fruit juices, tea and sodas. In case you really need to drink juices, use a straw. This will help keep the liquids away from your teeth and keep your teeth whiter.

2. Do Not Eat Foods Rich In Color

Like colored drinks, avoid certain colored food like dark-colored sauces, spices, red meat, berries, highly pigmented vegetables, chocolates and colored candies. These foods are rich in color, acid, and are sticky, which stain your teeth pretty easily. By staying away from foods like these, you can maintain the whiter shade of your teeth.

3. Do Not Smoke Or Chew Tobacco

The District Dentistry teeth whitening expert, Dr. Khalil Mjahed, suggests cutting out tobacco from a patient’s routine altogether. Tobacco can have a lethal impact on your oral health and cause cancer. In addition, tobacco can also stain teeth, which is a no-no for patients who have recently whitened teeth. Do not chew or smoke tobacco if you want a healthy smile and keep your body healthy.

4. Do Not Use Colored Dental Products

You will also want to avoid colored dental products like toothpaste and mouthwash after the whitening treatment. Avoid colors like red, orange, and purple that can re-stain your teeth. Teeth-whitening procedures can sometimes make your teeth a little sensitive, but it will eventually fade away. So, use products to alleviate the symptoms of sensitivity. Talk to your dentist before using any dental products.

Does That Mean You Can Never Eat/Drink The Listed Food?

You can certainly eat colored foods but with limitations. It’s best to eat colorless or white foods for 10-14 days immediately after treatment. Doing so will help your teeth stay white for more extended periods. You can eat and drink foods like yogurt, cheese, milk, water,  white rice, white pasta, vanilla ice cream, white chocolate, coconut milk and  coconut water.

Teeth Whitening in Charlotte, NC

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